Sourced directly from Indonesia

It all starts with our leaves.

Our all-natural kratom leaves, sourced directly from Indonesia, produce the highest alkaloid content and finest grind for absorption and digestion. Ethically-sourced and lab tested to ensure top quality and safety for you to enjoy.

We offer over a hundred all natural, organic kratom varieties as shown below, including some of the hardest to find blends like including Unicorn Dust, Pink Cloud, Dark Green Giant, Trainwreck, Nirvana and more.

Want a special blend? We often have new strains becoming available and provide custom blends upon request. We also offer free samples so you can try before you fully commit.

Yellow Kratom

While Yellow Kratom tends to be lesser known than Green, Red and White Vein Kratom, it offers long-lasting effects and is strong and potent.

Green Vein Kratom

Green Vein Kratom is a great option for beginners just getting into the wonderful world of Kratom, as it’s a hybrid of both red and white veins and thus provides more subtle effects of both strains.

Red Vein Kratom

Red Vein Kratom is by far our most popular and for good reason; it’s powerful and potent with strong effects.

White Vein Kratom

White Vein Kratom is a powerful strain with high potency levels of alkaloids and lies at the opposite spectrum as Red Vein Kratom, thus providing opposite effects.

Gold Vein Kratom

Gold Kratom is a unique and heavily sought after strain for its amazing effects. Gold Kratom is a blend of multiple strains and as a result provides a nice hybrid of effects.

Specialty Blends

While all of kratom falls under green, red or white vein strains, we’ve curated special blends to get the best of both worlds and give you better effects.

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