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Enjoy our all natural, crushed premium kratom tea leaves to boil for tea bags and coffee filter machines for those who don’t want to swallow mixed powder. Sourced directly from Indonesia, our crushed kratom leaves are ethically-sourced and lab tested to ensure top quality and safety for you to enjoy. We also have empty tea bags as well for you to fill individually as needed per dosing.


We pride ourselves in offering the highest alkaloid content with no fillers on the market. While we know our all-natural kratom has many wonderful benefits, the FDA forbids us from listing them on our website since this all-natural wonder herb is not FDA-approved thanks to Big Pharma. However, contact us today and we’ll be happy to walk you through all of the benefits and how this strain compares to the others.

Pricing & Orders

We are currently taking orders via phone or email.  Varieties change often; contact us today to see what is available and to place your order.

  • First Time Customers Sample Pack: 3 X 28 Gram Bags Free Just Pay Shipping
  • 1 oz | 28 Grams $4.99
  • 4 oz | 112 Grams $19.99
  • 1/2 lb | 224 Grams $34.99
  • 1 lb | 448 Grams $59.99
  • 1 kg | 1,000 Grams $99.99 (Free Split Kilo Available)
  • 2 kg | 2,000 Grams $149.99 *Special Price*
  • 5 kg | 5,000 Grams $299.99
  • 20kg | 20,000 Grams $699.99
  • 100kg | 100,000 Grams $3,499.99
  • Bulk Discounts Available 50% Down
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