Blue Lotus Flower

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Made from the blue lily flower and known by the botanical name Nelumbo nucifera, Blue Lotus Flower has been used in herbal remedies dating back to the ancient Egyptians. Blue Lotus Tea is believed to provide amazing sleep benefits to cure insomnia and anxiety.

Our Blue Lotus Flower product is the Nymphaea caerulea variety, and are perfect to make a tea, religious offering, insense, aphrodisiac, spiritual, wine, and more.

We get them direct from Thailand every harvest, where they are grown pesticide free on a sustainable farm. After harvest, these flowers are spread out in the shade and slowly dried so they retain the characteristics and potency of the fresh flowers.

Currently we offer Blue Lotus Flower for $9.99/ounce with bulk discounts available as well. We are taking orders via phone or email. Contact us today to place your order!

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