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73 thoughts on “Testimonies”

  1. Faith and Fitness has been the fastest, easiest, and most pleasant company in providing us with their products! Highly recommend calling them, ordering online or emailing them with any questions.

    1. We love you both, and thank you for the kind words! Y’all are the best, thank you and God Bless! Tell Vince I said Hey!

  2. Shane M Willett

    Thanks for the fast shipping and great product!! Great customer service. Talk to you soon Thanks again for your help!!

  3. Floren Lebaron

    Faith and Fitness is owned by an honest caring couple. They offer a good service and make sure they take care of their customers. They treat their customers well. Their product is high-quality and the most affordable I have found. I have been purchasing kilos from them for a long time. Just contact them if you have any questions like I did.

  4. ive been with them oh 2 years i guess, and ive got terrible nerve damage from diabetic coma, and have serious mobility issues , and tried everything doctors had to offer, then sought out natural remedies, and am amazed how kratom gives me the ability to walk and have some sort of decent life again, as ive a 14 yr old son, and very much want spend time doing things with him, not stuck in a bed all day, which is my life without kratom,

  5. Excellent products and great service always! Very happy to continue business indefinitely with them! They are a blessing!🙏

  6. I am so grateful that I discovered Faith & Fitness Herbs! I don’t often leave reviews, but I have truly been impressed with the service that I have received from David & Tiffany that I want to take the time to share my experience. First I will share a bit about my experience with Kratom in general, and then I will share my experience with this particular vendor. This is a bit on the lengthy side of reviews, but there’s a lot of valuable information for those who are interested in trying kratom, so if that is you – stay with me! 🙂 If you are already an established kratom user, feel free to skip down to the section labled **Part 2** where I explain why I think you should buy from David & Tiffany.

    First, I have been a kratom user for about 2 years in total, and regularly for about a year. My relationship with the plant has matured over time, and while I will say that I believe it should be used with caution, I have experienced so many benefits from working with this herb that for me, the benefits far outweigh the costs. There are many reasons that people use kratom, and the reasons differ for different people. Some people take it occasionally and purely recreationally, and others medicinally. For me it started recreationally and then over time I grew to appreciate the effects so much that it has become a regular part of my daily routine. Here are some of the benefits that I personally get from Kratom (again keep in mind this is just my experience. I am not making any medical claims, and I can not guarantee that you will have the same benefits as me).

    – I have chronic low back pain that worsens when I sleep. Oftentimes when I wake up in the morning I can hardly move. Taking even just a small amount of Kratom wipes the pain out and gets me in a physical state where I am ready to take on the day.

    -At low doses, kratom is energizing. Not only does a morning dose alleviate my back pain almost immediately, it turns my brain ON and, in my opinion, works better than coffee

    – I have ADHD (diagnosed) and if I take an energizing/focus-inducing strain before needing to focus on work or something around the house, it helps me to get the job done without getting distracted.

    – Before I started working with kratom, I would often get depressed (also diagnosed). A lot of this was actually tied to the ADHD because I wouldn’t be able to accomplish everything I needed to. I would get frustrated because I couldn’t get things done, and this would sometimes push me into depression. Since I started using kratom regularly, I have not only been able to focus and accomplish everything I need to, but my mood is incredibly balanced. I honestly can not remember one time I have been depressed since I started using kratom regularly. I will say here that I am not simply numb, like I may be if I were taking pharma anti-depressants. Instead, I experience a full-range of emotions and am able to process and express ‘negative’ emotions effectively and in a healthy way. I definitely spend a heck of a lot more time feeling joyful!

    – Since I started using kratom, my alcohol consumption has plummeted. I used to have a few drinks on many evenings just as a way to relax and unwind. Now that I have a relationship with kratom, when I want to unwind in the evenings, I simply use about 4-6g of red vein. I feel more relaxed than with alcohol and without all of the risks associated with drinking! With kratom, I get relaxed while maintaining mental clarity and stability and can be fully present for my family when I need to be.

    – I work out more now that I take kratom. Certain strains (usually green vein) give me a physical boost the same way (more effective!!) a pre-workout would. I am so much more fit than I was and overall way more healthy!

    Those are some of the main benefits I experience and make-up the primary reasons I continue using it. The side-benefits are innumerable. I am more social, less anxious, have a higher libido and am more calm and even-keeled when parenting, to name a few.

    As I say all this, I want to reiterate that I am not a doctor and therefore I cannot make claims. From what I do know about health and wellness, however, (I have 10+ experience in health/wellness field and have had 2 1/2 years of biomedical science classes at the doctoral level, so my opinion is somewhat informed despite lacking any medical credentials) I strongly believe that the reason I (and many others) have so many benefits from kratom is because there is an anti-inflammatory effect. That is why when I take it, it alleviates pain while at the same time inducing mental clarity. This is also why the benefits are so wide-ranging and again why, if you were to take it, you might experience a totally different set of benefits than I do; we each have a unique make-up and therefore the effects will vary on an individual basis. That being said, there tends to be common effects reported with each individual kratom strain. Each one has a different set of alkaloids (the active compounds in the plant) and the make-up of the alkaloids will work synergistically with your body to create different effects. So, I’d recommend trying out a variety of strains based on the effects that you are looking for

    I also recommend that if you do decide to try kratom that you start with small doses and work up from there. The caution I will add here is that there is the potential for side-effects, including tolerance, dependence, and physical withdrawal. I have experienced all three; as I mentioned by relationship with the plant has matured over time. I have since become more responsible with it to minimize the negative effects while still getting all of the positives I mentioned earlier. In the end, my personal conclusion (for me) is that the pros far outweigh the cons.

    ** PART 2 ** Buying from Faith & Fitness Herbs.

    There is a wide range of quality when it comes to kratom. Like all plant-products, there are some harvestors, manufacturers, distributors and/or vendors that prioritize quality (in terms of strength of effects as well as being free from additives or other chemicals), and others that don’t. I have ordered Kratom from several vendors and this is by far the best quality (clean and strong effects!) and it is VERY reasonably priced. The only other vendor that came close to the level of quality was CBD Kratom (a shop in Texas or online) and their pricing is RIDICULOUS compared to David & Tiffany (Compare 2 kg from David & Tiffany @ $175 to CBD Kratom’s 2 kg price @ $980!!). Other vendors I have ordered from offered kratom that either did not work or had a TERRIBLE taste that was NOTHING like it should taste, or – they simply did not have products that were not available to order online.

    When I ordered from this vendor, I was able to text message David, and he helped me choose what strains to buy. Remember when I said to choose a strain based on effect? Well, it is a lot easier to do that when the vendor will spend time with you personally helping you to determine which strain has what you are going for. Texting is my preferred method of communication so I was relieved to know that I can simply text when I want to place another order.

    I have ordered twice now from Faith & Fitness Herbs, and each time, David responded quickly and in detail, was incredibly helpful, and processed my order quickly. I received the package in about 3 business days. I was also impressed that David messaged me when he got new strains in to see if I wanted to try anything new. Compared to many other vendors, I am really impressed with the number of strains that David and Tiffany have available! I was purchasing from one vendor for a while before discovering this one; for the most part I was happy, but they only had a handful of strains, so I couldn’t get as much variety as I would have liked (and is recommended for reasons that I would be willing to bet David & Tiffany would spend time helping you to understand, if you ask them!)

    Because of all of the above reasons, I am not likely to purchase kratom from any other vendor. There is one more reason why I especially feel good about supporting David and Tiffany, which may or may not speak to you. Again, for just the reasons I listed above, I think anyone looking for kratom should consider buying from this vendor – to recap: you’ll get a wide variety, fantastic service, convenience of ordering through text, fast shipping, exceptional quality product, and will save a TON of money compared to other vendors. Beyond that, if you are Christian like me, you might also like to know that David and Tiffany are believers, too. They do all things with their faith in mind, and are not afraid to be clear about that, which in today’s world, takes a lot of courage. Not only do I love using something natural and God-given to achieve so many benefits to my health and well-being, but I love that in doing so, I am supporting a small, Christian, husband & wife business.

    Just ONE more thing – with everything going on in the world, don’t wait to get yourself some kratom. In the midst of a global pandemic, I can’t think of a better time to get your hands on a plant that will provide so many benefits!!

    Thank you David & Tiffany for the work you both do!!! <3

    1. I have to say I completely agree with your wonderful comments. David has been the most helpful vendor I’ve ever worked with. He has walked me through explanations, answered questions and made suggestions. Not to mention how much I appreciated the quick shipping, the ease of paying, and I feel like a VIP customer because he answers my texts so quickly.
      I also respect their story so much.

    2. Amazing comments! What a wonderful review. I could not agree more. David and Tiffany are amazing. They take the time to answer questions, and concerns. They even take the time to talk to you about your well being. They even asked about my dogs health! I had expressed concern because my dog was I’ll and they asked about him a couple of weeks later. They remember who you are as an individual. You are not just a number or just an order. You are a person to them and I love them for that. I will not order elsewhere, ever.

  7. I have been an avid Kratom fan for almost a decade, it has helped me with everything from opiate dependence after surgery to managing my anxiety.
    Faith & Fitness is by far the best source I’ve found. They treat you like you’re their top customer, I feel like VIP every time we do business. They’ve been kind & understanding, willing to go out of their way to make you happy. I’ve worked as a manager retail for many years and they are what customer service should be. Their prices are very reasonable & the quality of their product rivals top competitors. I’ve tried several of their strains, and hope that my feedback might help others. I will continue to post reviews as I continue to sample new varieties.
    Quick background, I respond best to green strains, with Thai being my absolute favorite, though it can be a little too strong for beginners or those with a lower tolerance, Bali would make a good alternative. Red strains I often have good results with too. Whites have just been hit or miss with me, but don’t let that deter you.
    Everyone responds differently, for example Maeng Da is one of the top strains sold everywhere I’ve shopped, I’ve tried it several times because I’ve heard so much good about it, but it’s just been mediocre at best. Though I have yet to try it here.
    -Green Thai-
    It’s my go-to staple, absolute favorite, it gives me a nice balance of euphoria & energy.
    -Green Bali-
    Similar to Thai, without being as intense, also less likely to give me the wobbles.
    – Red Thai-
    Has been great for pain relief & relaxing in the evenings. General muscle/back pains respond well, headaches not so much. I often use it to unwind for bed. Relaxes me without making me super drowsy.
    -Golden Yellow-
    A new one I tried here. Gives me a nice boost of energy, more so than Thai or Bali. Also has just a general good feel. Will keep that as part of my usual selection.
    -Green Indo-
    Super energetic for me, takes little less than a teaspoon and I’m itching to get stuff done. I have a desire to go and do, without being uptight or jittery. Doesn’t negatively affect my anxiety either.
    Will post more feedback as I continue to try their massive selection that seems to grow daily.

  8. Karl M Hamilton

    I was introduced to Kratom nearly 2 years ago. I buy all my Kratom here for both my wife and I. I will not go anyplace else. I have had samples of others and once I had to purchase some from another source. The quality here is very noticeable. I know of local places that sell Kratom but I do not trust them or their product by what other have told me. They get shorted and get a much lower quality. The friend who introduced me to Kratom notices a very big difference in the effect of this Kratom. This is the only place that I will buy my Kratom because I know I will get a good quality, the amount I pay for and a good price. Kratom from Faith and Fitness has made a big difference in my life and that of my wife. We both get a lot of pain relief and just feel better and in a much better mood with no side effects.

  9. I am returning customer. I have used their Kratom tea as a substitute pain reliever, all natural and reduced my need for dangerous opioid based meds. It really works for my body chemistry.

  10. Thanks for helping met get some zinc. Your Kratom never disappoints!! Fast shipping as always and love the awesome communication!! Talk to you soon. Thanks again!!

  11. Faith and Fitness Herbs ticks all the boxes for me: quick answers to all payment and delivery questions, very fast shipping, quality products and competitive pricing. I have been a satisfied customer since I discovered Faith and Fitness on ebay, and now here. One day I would like to visit the herbal tea plantation that I know only from photographs!

  12. Im writing this review because ack in 2005 I injured my lower back that took me 3yrs to get back surgery because I was fighting B.W.C . Well to make a long story short I was on pain pill’s and a pain patch 75mgrh of fentanyl ! Well 3 years ago doctor said I got to stop writing your pain meds so I turned to street drugs which is very costly by all means. So I told myself I’ve got to get off this roller coaster so I ask Dave and Tiffany for a sample and within 2 days I received it, it was a gods gift that saved me , to some it all up I like the green tea is best for me I make a tea with 2 3 teasp and drink it in the morning ! And there prices and the quality is excellent thank you so much and I will be ordering soon

  13. I am a returning customer after receiving my first order from David and Tiffany, and I can vouch that their product is fantastic quality. Easily the best Hirsuta I have ever purchased, at a great price and prompt postage.
    Also lovely people to deal with. Thanks guys and god bless!

  14. sahib vega de dios

    they have the best quality and best customers service that you can get, their shipping time is excelent.

  15. I have been taking Kratom for almost a year and a half and this was my first time using and online vendor. Let me just tell you ! They more then exceeded my expectations. David worked one on one with me and was very quick in responding to my questions via email and text! My first time every purchasing a key and it was split 4 ways so that I had something for day time and night time. All of their product that I received is absolutely amazing! Right now the golden yellow is my go to because I’m dealing with several things in my personal life and it’s amazing. It’s so calming and just perfect .. I’m so impressed with their customer service and their product and I definitely will be a returning customer!

  16. Fast shipment and delivery. I usually get mine in two days! Great customer service, they always respond back quick! And their products are even better!! They are the first place I have actually superb quality and they are not stingy at all! Wonderful company and great people!

  17. Justin Mathew Sheets

    2 weeks ago
    This business honestly deserves so much more than 5 stars!!! I am so beyond blessed to have this business in my life amazing people and awesome service i will not buy from any other company but Koala Tea and anyone looking for the best service and amazing products out there Koala is the one and only company you should spend your hard earned money with you will be happy you did i promise that to anyone who has not had the honor of dealing with Koala Tea your in for a real treat keep up the amazing work you do for all of us and thank you so very much for all you do for me and everyone out there who need these products and service yall provide!!!

  18. 24k is my favorite!
    10 energy
    9 mood
    Special green
    8 energy
    Yellow golden
    Nice and smooth
    I recommend trying out koala tea!!

  19. This is THE BEST Kratom available, from THE BEST Company and People in the Business! Thank You David and Tiffany for the Unmatched Service and the Best Kratom on the Market! God Bless!!

  20. I just received my first order from Faith and Fitness/Koala tea and the customer service from David Hahn is outstanding! Very friendly and a God loving gentleman. I ordered on Monday,Feb. 8th and tracking said it should arrive on Feb. 11th,to my surprise it showed up a day early and it was professionally packed. I couldn’t wait to get home and try the Golden Yellow! When I finally got home my back was absolutely throbbing (two fractured discs)and 30-45 minutes after taking my dose there was absolutely no pain! It stopped the pain in my knuckles that is caused by arthritis and neuropathy… I am honestly blown away with the quality,not to mention the price! I have found my vendor!! Thanks so much David Hahn!

  21. Tamara Roberts

    I’m grateful for David and Tiffany. Kratom has helped me with the pain I live with every day. The service is so good, I couldn’t ask for better. I’m happy and proud to be getting to know such wonderful people.

  22. I had never heard of kratom and David and Tiffany explain what it was and what it could do. I told them what I was looking for such as more energy, pain, and sleep. They made up a few for me to try and checked up to see how I liked or didn’t and other options to try. They are not just selling something to make money but instead invested in their customers and help finding what works for them. Thanks David and Tiffany.

  23. Marcus dearstyne

    My experience with koala tea has been nothing short of stellar. I was prescribed methadone for 5 years and decided to take the leap of coming off. I showed up at David’s location with no expectations except a hope and a dream. David set me up with a trial pack of Kratom and the rest is history. Koala tea boasts a highly knowledgeable staff with impeccable customer service. The product is top of the line, trust me I’ve tried others and I was left with a head ache and a hole in my pocket. David even delivered the product to my house. Not only that but David got me a job working locally. God bless David and his wife Tiffany, they have changed my life exponentially and I will rave about them every chance I get. If u are thinking of trying kratom or you are an experienced user already, stop your search now and invest in your future at koala tea.

  24. The absolute best costumer service and very quick to get it shipped out and to me. There kratom is the best quality I’ve had! Believe me I have tried multiple different company’s and this is hands down the best! David is an awesome guy and I never have met him but I call him brother. Dude is quick to respond on text orders and very thoughtful and helping me out when I’m in a bind! Take it from me a very picky guy that this is the best guys try them out you won’t be dissatisfied!

  25. This is by far my favorite health and wellness site! The owners are very nice, and quick to get your order to you as fast as they can. I would recommend this site for anyone, looking to improve their health,very good quality products! God bless you all!

  26. This vendor is top notch! Not only are the prices unbelievable but the quality is outstanding! Customer service is next to none,my order arrived a day early as well. I will be recommending these guys!

  27. Excellent customer service, Very quick shipping, replies to emails and texts. 5 stars. Would definitely recommend over anyone else.

  28. Wonderful service wonderful product the quality is always top notch and reliable. My go store to for the tea

  29. Faithandfitnessherbs.com are the BEST. I have been with them for years and never have I been disappointed. Quality kratom with fast and personal service is why I will be there customer for a lifetime. I was so happy to find them after having trouble with other sites. Having nerve damage that will never be cured I am so happy to have found something that helps me get through the day.
    Thank you so much David and Tiffany. D. Jackson

  30. David and Tiffany are my neighbors. In the Literal and Deepest spectral senses.
    I’ve been supplementing with Kratom for roughly 3 years. And it has changed my life.
    I can unbiasedly say that I’ve never had a more reliable, courteous, friendly, inexpensive experience with a retailer in my entire life. Their Kratom is hands down the freshest, most trusted of any Kratom products I’ve ever had..
    I’m BLESSED to have met them both. They are a great partnership bringing relief, education, and sanity at unbeatable prices to those in need of it . 😎

  31. As I had mentioned in a past post. David and Tiffany are my neighbors in every sense of the word. I can see his house from mine. Well, I was in pretty bad shape this morning, and gave the GODSENDS of our neighborhood a buzz. As always (unless he has prior engagements) David took the long drive to my house…Personally I would have walked, with the price of fuel and all. It’s really just a 90 second round trip….LOL. But business is always good when you run a good business. He then arrives minutes later. He got here so quickly of course cuz he drove….LOL He brought what he knew I needed because he and Tiffany get to know the people they bring relief to. And demonstrate an attitude of knowledgeable professionalism. By not only being well versed on all the strains and knowing beyond what most purveyors know about their own products. They take the time to get to know and educate their customers or as they are to all they meet ……..“Their Neighbors” giving you a most pleasant experience, that leaves you with a feeling of being Truly cared and concerned about.
    Now about what David Tiffany brought to my rescue…….
    Trainwreck-BP 10-15 min after drinking 1 tsp. Suspended in 5 oz. of Oj.
    I’m back in the game!!!!!!!
    1 Delta 8 “Relax in Faith” Gummy.. I’m getting ready to go to sleep so that was taken 15-20 mins ago…
    Night Night Neighors!!!!😎

  32. Always the best product,,,fast shipping,,,,wont use anyone else,,,been a customer for about 4 years,,,never had any issues

  33. The delta 8 gummies are the best. I have a spinal cord injury and most night I can’t sleep due to leg pain, I took 1/2 gummy and slept the whole night through. I can’t explain how much this means to me. Thank you Koala Tea Kratom for having the best!

  34. My mom try the 20mg gummy and has cops says it works great breathing better and filling better and I get kratom of of then once a week good prices and great shipping times I highly recommend these two are great I love them not only they will help on questions and concerns u may have I Dontold recommend anyone like I do them they are truly the best

  35. I want to mention that I have been really satisfied with this seller and I buy large amounts of products. I recently tried Phenibut and it is helping with my PTSD, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. One important aspect is that this seller has integrity and will make it right if there is a problem.

  36. These guys have been the best company I have ever worked with or purchased from and there has been many. Their products are top quality, they are incredibly honest and supportive. I have taken kratom for years and their kratom is superior to all the other ones I have tried. I recently added phenibut to my daily usage and it is a game changer. My anxiety, anger and emotional well-being is completely transformed. My family and work colleagues have all noticed the positive changes. Taking kratom and phenibut together takes away my pain, anxiety and changes my outlook on life completely. I’m incredibly grateful to both David and Tiffany for all their help. You won’t go wrong ordering from them.

  37. Faith and fitness will be my new go to place for my kratom for now on. I called and they brought me what i needed at a great price. I can tell it’s high quality and I really like the unicorn dust and the yellow gold so far. I look forward to ordering in the future. David is very knowledgeable on all the products and He will help you get what you need for any problem you may have. I also like that it’s natural and that’s very important to me! I also got some samples to try which I’m very excited to try and may buy in the future!

  38. Always great service and product needed a strong red asked what the best one in at the moment was he suggested super red and what a great recommendation it was i highly 2nd his recommendation it if you need a good pain strain or any quality strain really hell hook you up nice never have had a complaint from me ive tried other vendors but i always come back “home” well say

  39. Joseph L Schiro

    I just recently received my train wreck… pain gone and feeling great, thank you. Great product and suberb customer service…. fast shipping too! Best o all no more need for opiates, thank you!

  40. First off, customer service is phenomenal. They really take the time to make sure you get what you need and genuinely care.
    Super fast shipping- my package came a day early.
    Product is on point. The yellow strain gave me energy and relaxes me at the same time.
    Koala tea is amazing and I’d definitely recommend to a friend!! Thanks for doing what y’all do !!

  41. I received free samples and that is all it took to order a kilo right away. The customer service is superb and the kratom is excellent , I only use a few vendors and this will be my new vendor from now on!! Thank you so much and god bless!

  42. This is by far one of my new favorite vendors. I have taken Kratom tea for about 5 years and tried many kinds and this is in my top 3 I am adding them to my preferred vendor list. They answer questions almost instantly and are the nicest ever and help me with my orders the shipping only took about 5 days total most other vendors I have to wait at least 7-10 days. They helped me with other supplements as well i tried the Blue Lotus and it was top notch. The extract is the strongest one I have ever taken and I have tried several. I would def recommend this business they have several options and adding more and helped me even with payments. I just placed my second order with them.

  43. Shane M Willett

    I’ve been buying from this company for a few years now. I’ve never had a bad batch of kratom. David and Tiffany definitely go above and beyond. They have the best prices I’ve seen for the high quality product. The gummies have sparked my interest. I’d like to try those that may be my next purchase. Thanks for all your help and keeping me out of pain!!! You guys are awesome!! Keep up the great work!!

  44. Marcus dearstyne

    Me a David went to the gym this morning and he gave me a free sample of adrafinil, one capsule and I feel more focused, energetic, andy stamina is amped up in major way. I am very pleased with the results and highly recommend it to anyone trying to wake up and welcome the world with open arms.

  45. I have been taking Kratom for 5+ years and have yet to come across a vendor that is even remotely comparable to Faith and Fitness when it comes to quality, pricing and customer service. These folks are the pinnacle of what a good business is and after experiencing their service/products I will never take my business anywhere else. I cant thank them enough for their prompt responses and insight. They care about their customers and that, In itself sets them apart from other vendors. If your thinking of ordering, do it, you will be thrilled with the entire experience and products as well. Many blessings, Derek

  46. I absolutely love these guys. Superb products and their customer service is above and beyond. Always happy to answer any questions anytime!
    I’ve had several surgeries recently and I didn’t even bother w my prescriptions. Their kratom tea helped more than the scripts did by far.
    I can’t rave enough about this vendor. Love love love them! So blessed to have found them. They r def my one stop shop now for all my needs! Big pharma doesn’t stand a chance next to their products!

  47. Kratom is a life saver, it’s improved my quality of life ten fold. These guys have the absolute best Kratom around for the best price you will find. Killer product, killer customer service!

  48. This was my first time ordering from this company. I am very pleased. I took a small spoon full of special green, dark green, and royal bentuangie each at different times. I definitely could have took less. The greens are very energizing and I overslept this morning from the royal bent lol. I’ll just take less next time, which is a good thing because the product will last longer. David also included a sample of the T Rex extract and that held me over for a while too. I take 80% MIT liquid extracts on a daily basis, sometimes up to 30ml/day and I am trying to stop. I feel that these products will get me through the process. I definitely recommend this company and I will continue to place orders. Fast and super friendly, answered all of my questions plus some.

  49. I’m finally getting around to writing my review,anyway, first of all,customer service is outstanding,I
    Haven’t met them in person but something tells me that they are good,hardworking, God fearing people! I ordered 10 k’s this past Monday (southern Ohio) and tracking said it would arrive that Thursday (which was fine) to my surprise it arrived a day early, talk about express shipping that was FREE! The only strain from this order that I’ve tried is the Dark Green Giant and without a doubt it is the best green that I’ve ever tried (I’m 4 years in) and something tells me that the other strains won’t disappoint, matter of fact, I know they won’t because I’m a repeat customer. As long as the quality of tea and the customer service stays on point(and I’m sure it will) I’ll stay a repeat customer! Oh and, am I the only person who has had that tea that they were dreading choking down? Not anymore!

  50. These products are wonderful!David delivered on time and he made sure that me and my friend was satisfied with our order!I will recommend him to anyone i give him a ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ !

  51. David and Tiffany are amazing. You can tell them what you need their products for and they will help you find the best strain for you. We are repeat orderers. We enjoy the products, they ship quickly and the customer service is great. Seriously, save yourself time and money and buy your kratom from Koala Tea!!

  52. I’ve been ordering from David for some time now. Not only is his product amazing, his service is first class. No need to look any further, he’s the best in the business. He responds right away, and gets it out within a day. Ya really can’t beat it

  53. I’ve been ordering from the Hahn’s for years now. Everything they have recommended has been superb. The white strains are amazing. Better than any other place I’ve tried. The green and yellows are top notch as well. Their extracts add a lot of power to the mix too. Their prices are really great as well. I also like how friendly and responsive they are. Purchases always come in fast and reliably. If you want reliable Kratom this is where you want it from. Their products have changed my life in so many positive ways! Thanks and bless y’all

  54. Best around, I’m so lucky to find such prompt and respectful people with great prices and variety of product. Literally 10/10, couldn’t praise them highly enough.

  55. I heard about these great folks from a friend of mine I served in the military with. During the course of said service, I incurred various injuries such as lumbar problems, PTSD-related migraines, traumatic brain injury, knee pain, foot pain, as well as anxiety, sleeping, and depression issues. Kratom has been a huge help, and you aren’t going to find more helpful, friendly subject matter experts than these guys. If you are looking to tell bug pharma to shove it and seriously help yourself out, do yourself a favor and get in touch. You won’t regret it.

  56. I heard about these great folks from a friend of mine I served in the military with. During the course of said service, I incurred various injuries such as lumbar problems, PTSD-related migraines, traumatic brain injury, knee pain, foot pain, as well as anxiety, sleeping, and depression issues. Kratom has been a huge help, and you aren’t going to find more helpful, friendly subject matter experts than these guys. If you are looking to tell big pharma to shove it and seriously help yourself out, do yourself a favor and get in touch. You won’t regret it.

  57. Very impressed with the quality an price. David and Tiffany are both very nice and extremely helpful. David had no problem speaking to me and helping me choose the perfect product for me. I look forward to doing a lifetime of business with Koala Kratom!!!

  58. I’m gonna start off by saying the customer service of this company is absolutely wonderful. They seem very passionate about their business and product. They strive for quality and it shows in their product. Their leaf is very fresh and likes to stick to my wooden spoon! This was my first time trying kratom from koala tea and it will not be my last! The pain and anxiety relief from this leaf is phenomenal. Up there with some of the top vendors I have had. If you haven’t tried koala tea yet I recommend you do! You wont regret it!

  59. Nature’s Staus THC Oil

    Amazing product!♥️! A “must try” for those who have insomnia issues or trouble relaxing especially before bedtime. I’ve noticed if I have to get up during the night it’s easier to go back to sleep. It works quickly when a few drops are placed under your tongue, but for me, the full effect took about 2 hours. I’m still testing it so will post more info in a few weeks.
    This business and its owners are beautiful people. They will go above an beyond to help you find the right product for your needs. 🙏🏻

  60. If you’re in pain and want to kick the prescription opiates, muscle relaxers, stimulants, or just need relief because you cant get prescription meds due to no insurance or whatever the case may be david and tiffany at koala tea kratom/ faith and fitness herbs are the ones to get in contact with quality is always top shelf im so thankful i was given his business card years ago i threw my back out early this morning could barely move i took 1.5 tsp of the andrameda blend from koala tea and within 30 mins my muscles in my back started to relax and now an hour later i can move and breathe with out feeling like my back is being ripped out im so thankful for this wonderful herb many blessings to everyone reading this i hope you find relief with koala tea

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